The Oklahoma Aquarium Club is a newly founded organization formed by a group of aquarium enthusiasts who share a love for all things related to the aquarium hobby. The club boasts a diverse membership with interests in many areas of the hobby including freshwater and saltwater fish husbandry and all other related areas encompassed by the hobby. Experience levels within our club range from the novice hobbyist to the advanced aquarist.

Our Mission is to educate hobbyists through the exchange of information at monthly meetings and other planned activities, to promote responsible aquatic husbandry with an eye toward minimizing environmental impact, and to promote the hobby both within the state of Oklahoma and nationally. We believe the benefits of maintaining aquariums in their many forms promotes a better understanding and appreciation of the many aquatic environments that surround us, promotes a healthy and beneficial hobby, and exposes people to a fun, relaxing, and awarding activity.

The Oklahoma Aquarium Club’s goal is to foster a friendly environment where hobbyists can exchange ideas and learn from one another about the many aspects of our hobby. We have many experienced members who keep freshwater community and species-specific tanks, saltwater and reef aquariums, and planted tanks. Our members are eager to share their experiences with other enthusiasts at our monthly meetings and at our online community. So, come and join us!